What we do.

Three ladies, trying to make a difference

Carol aged 45, lives at home with Husband Tony, Son Jack and Daughter Shannon in Walton. Carol has suffered depression for years and lived a very differnt life to the one she lives now, often spending the day in bed letting her illness take control. Feeding the homeless has completely changed her life and her as a person. 

undefinedShaunni aged 25, lives in Bootle with her partner and 3 year old Son. Shaunni who is also suffering mental health has an anxiety disorder and could never have dreamt of doing something like this, until Mum Carol encouraged her to push past the anxiety. 

Shannon aged 19 lives at home with Mum Carol, Dad Tony and Brother Jack. Shannon suffers from arthritis and has weekly injections of medication to ease the pain, she also joined after Mum encouraged her to get involved. 

The girls got involved with the homeless when Carol and her Husband went into town for some food, they came accross a homeless man sitting on the floor on Dale street, they both walked over and got talking to him, his name was Peter. Before they said their goodbyes and left Carol's Husband, Tony gave Peter his coat and his reaction was enough for Carol to want to do more for the homeless in her City. 

undefinedCarol took to social media to tell everyone about Peter so they could also help him if they wished to. While on Facebook a lady contacted Carol and explained her and her friend feed the homeless weekly and asked if Carol would like to get involved and without any hesitation she joined their team, after hearing the wonderful things her Mum was doing Shannon asked to join and a couple of weeks later Shaunni joined too. After being with this team for around 6 months they decided they would start their own team, just Mum and two Daughters and that's what they done on 10th August 2016 - they've never looked back. 


They now have a growing number of people following what they do on their social media page where they can also donate to the girls. As they are Non-funded they rely on public donations, to give the homeless what they need to survive on the streets. 

The girls have said their long-term goal is to open a centre for the homeless, where they can shower, eat and be safe throughout the day. Their reason? because they want to help those less fortunate, they want the homeless to have someone to talk to if they're lonely, they want a safe place they can go to if they've recieved abuse in the street. But they want a home from home environment the homeless can rely on when they're in need. The girls have built close friendships with the homeless and would love to make their dream a reality and change the way the homeless live. 



We are asking for your support and understanding, not all homeless are drug addicts they often turn to drugs after the are made homeless, many say it helps them forget and eases them to sleep. But they all have a different story to tell…

help us help them.